Welcome to 21

etco  Event & Tech Company

Welcome to 21 etco  Event & Tech Company


We are Living in The 21st Century

The “Branded” World, Where Brands  Ads are Everywhere!


Impact of brands On Our Lifestyle

50 %

As Per the Survey, % of People Agreed to “Brands have Made Our Life Easy”

50 %

Of the World Population Mostly Use Branded Products.


On average, We use 45-50 Brands Every Day.

100 %

Only Around 5% of the World Population Live Ultra Luxury Branded Lifestyle

600 Crores

World Population


Brands Has Become Such an Important Part of Our Lifestyle,

That Even Our Basic Needs Like Food, Cloth & Shelter Are Also Brands.

Today We Have 100’s Of Brands Options for Each Category,

Which Is Good but At the Same Time, It’s Confusing Too.

Hence, Unfortunately Sometimes After Purchase,

We Get Introduced to A “Better Brand” With A “Better Product or Service” At A “Better Price”

Which Could Be a Big Problem in The Case of Heavy Purchase.

We Educate the World About Brands Around Us in A Fun Way

And create an Ultimate Bond Between Brands and Consumers.

How Do We Do That?

About Us

We Are a Mixture of Event and Technology.

Brandofest + Brandospot

Brandofest Is A “Grand Brand Festival” And Brandospot Is

“The Ultimate App to Explore Brands Around Us”

We Curate All the Information from Brands Officially,

And Classify Them for The World in An Excellent Way.

We Have Come Up With, A Revolutionary Way of

Advertising, Marketing & Earning.

We Believe Gamification with Rewards Is the Best Way of Interaction.

Mission & Vision :

Our Mission is to Connect Consumers and Brands like Never Before.

Vision is to Make The Whole World Excited about Brands Around Us!


Experience Karlo!!

Brandofest will be the First Grand Brand Festival in The History of Mankind.

Here You Will Find All the Brands Showcased in A Row of Particular Categories to Witness Products and Services Personally & To Understand Brands to Their

Best Brandofest Takes Place Thrice a Year (Smart 5/10 Days)


Let’s Explore

Brandospot “B Spot”

Its The Ultimate App to Explore Brands Around Us! For example, If you are looking for “Toothpaste” It will Show you all the “Toothpaste” Brands in a row.

Isn’t it The Best Way to Explore Brands?

With “B spot”, You Can Explore Brands, Learn about them, Become a Brand Advocate, Promote your Favorite Brands & Products, Review them, Share them with your Network & Earning via Affiliate Marketing and Much More in Multiple Innovative Ways.

Not Only That, If You Can Become a Quality Influencer, We Help You by Connecting with Brands Officially.

(Beta Version)

We are a Programmer towards Replacing the Word “Discount” with “BauCash”


Jason GEORGE 21

“Not Everyone in Life gets that One Opportunity to Change the World” We are the Chosen one!

– Jason George 21

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